21 Day No Complaint Challenge

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Tim Ferriss Complaint Experiment

No Complaint Challenge Rules

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    Step 1: Start & Share your 21 Day No Complaint Challenge

    Share your challenge with your friends, family, local grocer, and others. By telling more people, you create more accountability and therefore increase your chances of success.

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    Step 2: After a Complaint, reset your Carp Challenge App

    A Complaint is defined as, “negatively describing a person or event without expressing an interest in fixing the situation.” Ex: “I hate being around Mary because she’s always complaining about something” = COMPLAINT vs. “I noticed that Mary complains often so I’m going to send her the 21 Day No Complaint Challenge by Carp” = WINNER

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    Repeat until you've gone 21 Days Complaint Free

    With time and effort, you’ll start to recognize and eliminate negativity from your words. The goal is to create a habit of this. Some say that 21 days is the “magic number” to form a habit. It may take slightly more or less time. Once converted to habit, the results can be life-changing.


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